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Putain les homos, ils sont parmi nous.


Et ils en ont après ton cul…
Cours Anon, cours !!!


Je ne connais pas le chiffre exact, mais je pense pouvoir affirmer que les gens ayant une identité sexuelle non-normale (transexuels, hermaphrodites, "pas sûr"…) ne représentent pas plus de 5% de la population. Donc, ce graphique me parait incroyable.


Il faut bien noter qu'on à affaire aux gens qui bossent chez Google/Amazon/Facebook/Apple/Microsoft. Les raisons énoncées ici me semble assez plausibles : https://archive.rebeccablacktech.com/g/thread/62418610/#62424007
>. Autism is associated with gender dysphoria for instance. It goes the other way too, the female coders who are actually competent are much more likely to be trans or identify as nonbinary or other gender weirdness. There's the "male brain" theory of autism which might be related.
>Some believe it's memetic. Programming communities skew a bit younger, and a lot more urban and liberal. And so are more accepting of trans. Which causes more of them to come out or try it, which spreads it even further.
>Some believe it's caused by porn use and "autogynephilia" or whatever. Technical people seem to be more into weird porn if this website is any indication.
>Others believe it's a response to betaness. A lot of nerds are betas for whatever reason, there's truth to the stereotype. And I wish I saved the argument, because it sounds batshit insane when I try to explain it. But the idea is that many people have been taught feminine behaviors to begin with and had their masculine side suppressed and rejected by society. We shouldn't be surprised when they actually want to be women.
>Or it could just be regular old selection effects. The internet is anonymous and you can come out as trans with less consequences. And programmers are more likely to be engaged with the internet and internet culture. But some private data and anecdotes I have indicates that like 10 to 20% are some flavor of gender weird. Which way way higher than any estimate of the actual rate in the general population.

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