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I'm joining then because I've failed too much and realized I will never achieve my dreams. I'm already made my amends and now I'm only waiting the spring to go there and enlist myself.

I just want be invisible, forgotten and serve the first 5 years of my contract without have problems with natives since they are the ones giving me a chance.

What I really need know is how your society see the foreign legionnaires and if is possible to a single man without family and addictions survive with 1,700 euros.

I'm sincerely waiting replies, thank you in advance, guys.


Society has no problem with legionnaires. We view them as rugged, reliable, tough people, but not very intellectual.

It is entirely possible to live decently with 1,700€. This is above minimum wage here. I live with only 500€/month in a public housing and still have the money to buy things. And by serving in the Legion, you will benefit from facilities if you are in need.

Bienvenue en France et merci pour ton service.


Just so you know, we love boipussy here. So you'll probably be judged on that to be one of our proud legionnaires.
Maybe we can take a look and give you advice ?



People usually fear me because I have a thousand-yard stare and looks like be the kind of man who murder other people over trifle things. I only want survive for 5 years, protect France, her people and interests with my life and maybe go find work in Switzerland if I don't find work and a place to call "home" in France.


I know a brazilian woman who had problem with her ex-husband, so she had to move here. She says life was hard for her alone in Brazil, but also that it's better in France. Even though french poltards say that it's easy to become french, she hasn't a really good job and most people aren't that kind with her. My mom (who works with her) helped her to find furnitures not to expensive. I'm trying to tell you that there are a lot of ways to help you to have a decent life.
Again, I don't know shit about the foreign legion, but as >>2063 said, you can live with less than 1 700€.
How old are you ? Do you speak french ? Do you have any diploma, maybe you can try something else than holding a gun ? After that you can even find a cute beurette and mix you dna.


Maybe you return to the Amazonas one day.



>How old are you ?

29 yo.

Do you speak french ?

Just the basics, but enough to improve while living in France.

Do you have any diploma?

No, I'm a college dropout. I could not end my degree due some families issues. The legion is the only hope I have to leave this nightmarish country.

>you can even find a cute beurette and mix you dna

I don't want to this kind of thing anymore in my life, all I want is live alone and pray to forget everything that made me like I'm now.


I'm willing to go anywhere they want for my citizenship, I only need survive for 5 years and I will work hard to survive.



Don't you really have a Portuguese/Italian/Spanish any other EU nationality grandparent?

You realize you have the right to live in anywhere in the EU if you are able to receive the citizenship from any other member state?



No, I don't have EU nationality grandparents. I think join the Legion is best I can do to have a better life because the military life is something honest, I can earn my place in France fighting for France instead of be an invader and maybe I can learn a trade while on the Legion like bakery or something related to cooking. I don't have perspectives of have a better life in Brazil, I know a little bit of french and I hope be happy living in some peaceful countryside city after my five year contract and live my life alone helping the local community in any way I can.

I don't fear death, I only fear be incapacitated like be blind, deaf or lose my arms. I don't have anything to lose because I'm a man who lost his purpose in life and the Legion is always where men like me end. I'm thinking about present myself in Aubagne or Marseille in January of 2018 since I need train my body, study more french language and raise money enough to travel since the passages are somewhat expensive and I need learn everything I can to arrive the at recruitment office without problems.


La Légion Étrangère is pretty hardcore, you'll need to be very strong both physically and in your head.
Tests to get in are not easy, you'll need to be pretty good at first. If you fail, you have to wait one year.
But if you succeed, you'll be part of the bests among the bests ! Also you'll become french, what would anyone want more than that ?

Bon courage ma gueule. Donne nous te tes nouvelles.

>how your society see the foreign legionnaires

Just like any other militaries, some like them, others not that much. I'd say most people think they're badass.
> if is possible to a single man without family and addictions survive with 1,700 euros
You'll be middle class.



>you'll need to be very strong both physically and in your head

I'm already running 4km 3 times a week and doing about 20 pull ups, 75 push ups and 100 sit up. Every weekend I'm doing a forced march of 20km with 12kg of equipment in my bag and I just started my training, I'm also improving my french since I know a little bit already, but it will be easy since like read books and love the french language.

I'm a college dropout and I'm used to deal with corpses since I was a class monitor in the anatomy department. Since I'm from some really violent area of my city I'm already used with a war since people with assault rifles are a quite common sight near my home and I also got lucky(since was a 9mm bullet and not a 7.62mm) one time and stray bullet find home in my thigh.

>Also you'll become french, what would anyone want more than that?

I can't help for smiling when I think about it… will be a honor fight for France, her people and ultimately have the honor of be recognize as french citizen in a really honorable way.


Well, seems like you're the man for it !
Also, it's real pull ups to get in, not half ones. I've seen a documentary with a musles guy who could do as many little pull ups as you want, but he couldn't make a real one, so he was told to come next year.
Are you planning to go to French Guyane to get in ?


File: 1482083385316.jpg (76,24 KB, 1090x500, marinepepe.jpg, io e g t)

>have the honor of be recognize as french citizen
You should try to start as soon as possible.


Godspeed, Anon. Tell us how it went if you ever return to this plac.e


Também já pensei em entrar na legião. A farda deles é massa demais, o idioma também.

Mas não sei se vale a pena lutar pela França, um país governado por socialistas e que aceita passivamente o multiculturalismo.

Boa sorte.


t. Miguel l'Aryen


En tant que Brésilien, il critique en connaissance de cause.


Que voulez-vous dire?


Je veux dire que les Brésiliens ont le droit de critiquer la France parce qu'ils vivent notre futur.



Oh, non. Votre future est plus sombre.

France sera bientôt un pays musulman vivant sous la charia.


File: 1503698412458.jpg (28,05 KB, 398x600, 4be2f61014f38.jpg, io e g t)

I like Françoise Hardy. Can I be french?


Como tu estás, OP? Conseguiste entrar para a Legião?


Oui c'est vrai ça, PO, tu en es où ?



I'm still on my way to do it.
Now, I'm 10kg lighter, already meeting the basic physical requirements and already saved money enough to my travel expenses.
I will wait spring come to make my way to Aubagne and enlist myself.

I'm happy of have such chance in life.



You don't understand the mindset of a man who will join the legion, Mika, but I will explain it to you: all I want is do my job better as possible and forget my previous life.


File: 1505343935677.png (460,77 KB, 800x523, 1prozent.png, io g t)



File: 1505343989920.jpg (122,77 KB, 660x854, Lord.Vader.vs.shitskins.jpg, io e g t)

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