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So how does it go friends? I accidentally found this board and thought it'd be really fucking funny if I could just shoot the shit with you guys. I can't find the rules and I'm using google translate. If I break the rules or make literally no sense I am as sorry as one can be on the internet. Which isn't very much.
So, what questions do you have for me?
>don't ask if i smoke weed
>don't ask if i have guns


>If I break the rules or make literally no sense
You didn't break any rule. https://cable6.net/regles They're here if you really want them, but noone will give a fuck if you break one.

>don't ask if i smoke weed

>don't ask if i have guns
What kind of weed do you smoke? What kind of guns do you have?

Did you get punch in the face recently?


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To which branch of the "Alt-Right" do you identify the most : Paleo-Conservatism ? White Nationalism ? Libertarianism ?
What are fair and balanced media for staying up to date about President Trump and his agenda, aside from FoxNews ?
Are you aware of how cucked our media is ?
How can you be American and not want to talk about guns ?


File: 1485295257147.jpg (29,68 KB, 750x375, Alt-Right-Universe-750x375.jpg, io e g t)

>because i don't
>because i do
I said not to ask anon : ^ (

And no. Triggered a few snowfalkes at a theater last month though.

I see myself as a Reactionary Constitutionalist. I can only imagine the United States working smoothly again if we follow the intentions and designs of our founding fathers. Thats to say I really like the idea of repealing the seventeenth amendment and revoking universal suffrage and returning the right to vote exclusively to land owning white males. This would exclude me from voting but I've come to understand more and more why the founders didn't specifically kill the revolution on the hill of egalitarianism despite the ideal that 'We believe all men to be equal'.

I used to be libertarian and being from a lightly conservative household gives me the disposition to nearly automatically dislike strong centralized governments. Although recently I've come to be able to entertain fascist arguments and even some of the points from the monarchists are fairly compelling to me as well. I'm unsure if I'm comfortable with white nationalism (not to be confused with white supremacy) but I'm certainly race aware.

In respect to news even Fox, in my opinion, is controlled opposition. It swings more to the right than the other main networks but I still don't trust it. I like to get my news by reading articles about the same subject form CNN, Fox, RT, BBC and then compare that to Twitter and see where any dependencies lie. And the media is so jewy in my country. It really sucks. Is it as bad in France as it is here?

I'm a 'polite' American. No need to brag that we've got one of the least restrictive gun policies in the world. Wish we were Switzerland though…


File: 1487290460057.webm (7,56 MB, 1280x720, thatsgoodtoknow.webm, io g t)

>revoking universal suffrage and returning the right to vote exclusively to land owning white males. This would exclude me from voting.
Well I was sure Americans valued their personal freedom more than anything else.


Why haven't you necked yourself yet?


>I said not to ask anon : ^ (
We're french so, unlike our asspipe cocksucker medias, expect us to ask exactly it when you say "don't ask"


It's exactly what our medias loves to do.


File: 1491270146830.png (645,21 KB, 722x525, 1433631915184.png, io g t)

You faggots need to grow a backbone.

I'm sick of this "I understand that my race and culture are on the verge of being wiped out, but I'm not going to do anything about it because I don't want to be called a nazi" shit.

>obesity, pornography, environmental destruction and pollution, feminism, mass demographic replacement, trannies, and outsourcing are all ok because muh non-agressision principle

You need to man up and stop hiding behind the libertarian excuse. Your type wants to be morally inscutable, to critisize all condescendigly without having to actually stand and fight for a belief.


why do you support trump when he has many jewish family members and has strong ties with isreal?




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Are you still there, OP ?


J'espère pas.

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